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Ronan point

The problems with quality of high-rise construction were typified by the Ronan Point disaster in London’s East End in 1968. A gas explosion on the eighteenth floor of a newly-constructed high-rise residential block in Newham caused a chain reaction resulting in the collapse of an entire cor­ner of the block.

Homes for heroes

The expression ‘homes fit for heroes’ was originally coined in the wake of World War I. it was the Housing Act 1919 which first required local authorities to provide housing with the help of central-government subsidies. The housing shortage returned to the top of the political agenda following World War II.

Arguments beyond efficiency

In light of the construction sector’s sensitivity to subtle shifts in government policy, it is striking how much of the improvement debate remains focused on narrow issues of cost efficiency. To focus on improving efficiency is of course no bad thing. Few people in the construction sector (or elsewhere) argue in favour of inefficiency.

An unfolding story

In seeking to understand the context within which construction improve­ment is enacted, it is clearly also necessary to understand the structural characteristics of the construction sector. Unfortunately, management improvement recipes are invariably considered entirely separately from economic analyses of industry change (and vice versa).

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